I'm taking part in a Getting-to-Know-You game of 20 Questions with Kris (With a K)

I'm super late to the game but excited to continue the getting to know each other theme so...I’m participating in a Getting-to-Know-You game of 20 Questions with Kris (With a K) from the With a K Writing Academy. I’m excited to get to know my own blog-readers better & to find other bloggers to play with too. You know – friends who just get it. If you want to participate, you can too! Just go to check out Kris’s post about it here, & get started.  

1 – What’s a ridiculous nickname you’ve had?

Not sure that I ever had a ridiculous name but the most common ones are definitely Becky, Bex, Beckers, Becky Boo or just Boo.


2 – Why do you write a blog? Have your reasons changed over time?

When I started out blogging it was just one of those things I thought I should do plus I had always loved to read and to write. 

Now I realize that the blog has the power to be so much more. It's an opportunity to connect with people, to help people during one of the most exciting, but sometimes stressful, times as they plan their wedding day, and a place to share so much from images to advice, to share personal stories and client love stories and so much more!


3 – Where do you like to be when you are writing?

I honestly write most often from my couch or desk at home but I do my best writing when I can get out - whether for the writing or just before I write - for a change of scenery, a dose of inspiration and a little fresh air to clear the normal to do's out of my brain and be able to really enjoy the writing process.

This is something I'm really looking forward to this year, creating a space to write in that will be filled with creativity and continue to build my skills to really bring together words and imagery to help people get to know the amazing people, clients and colleagues, the way I do. They are amazing people and I want to make sure I do their stories justice.


4 – Peanut butter & __________.

CHOCOLATE!!! Was this seriously in question? Hello Chocoholic Queen right here.


5. What does your Writing Process look like?

Sometimes it starts with a few notes scribbled down (digitally or physically) or an image that I'm just in love with and inspires me to write the story or a piece of wedding advice that it brings to mind. Other times it comes from questions my clients ask or a quick questionaire they've filled out.

Overall, there isn't much of a process. I sit down and write a first draft trying my hardest not to filter my thoughts and my voice too much (if I overthink too much it all comes out professional and overly formal or robotic, there's not personality left!) The second read through is about polishing it up a little and making sure it all makes sense and captures what I want to say (I'm notoriously bad for getting really excited about something I'm writing and skipping words in the middle of sentences - I'm not the only one right?)


6 – What keeps you up at night?

EVERYTHING! My brain seriously doesn't have an off switch and it's a real problem sometimes but, I learned a long time ago to keep a pen and notebook beside the bed to write down ideas or things I need to do so I don't have to worry about forgetting them as well as keeping the phone out of the bedroom because resisting the urge to check it can been so hard!


7 – What was your last online purchase? Did you hide it from anyone? (I see you, impulse buyers & shame shoppers)

My last online purchase...was a book! I am a complete book addict and it's probably a good thing my bank account doesn't allow me to buy my whole wishlist. We don't own enough bookshelves for that!


8 – What do you honestly think of elastic waistbands?

To most of my more fashionable friends I would say only for workouts but as an entrepreneur - when I'm working from home I am rocking elastic waistbands for sure in the form of yoga pants or pj pants most of the time. I just love to be comfy.


9 – What blogs or magazines do you love to read? Why?

I am completely obsessed with Magazines in a few different categories. Here are my current favs by category

Photography - Shutter Magazine

Weddings - Wedluxe, Elegant Weddings, Trendy Bride, Grace Ormond Weddings (I pick up others too but those are my can't miss mags)

Fashion - InStyle

Home Decor - HGTV, Style at Home, Canadian House and Home

Fitness/Health - Oxygen, Shape, Women's Health, Clean Eating

I love them all for inspiration, information I can use, and good writing (I like stories)


10 – What is your favourite way to express your creativity?

Photography for sure. 

I have always loved to create but my hands always failed to create what I saw in my minds eye but with my camera in my hand I found the joy of creating again.

I love to dabble with scrapbooking, watercolour painting, and calligraphy too


11 – DSLR or iPhone?

I always prefer to work with my DSLR or even one of our film cameras but the best camera is always the one you have with you so I end up using my phone (though not an iphone - I'm not a big apple fan overall but love my ipad)


12 – How do you feel about the semicolon? Do you have any feelings about punctuation marks, in general? (it’s ok if you don’t)

I love exclamation marks because I tend to be excited and energetic in most of my writing but I don't really have any feelings about other punctuation marks.


13 – What is a skill you really want to learn?

Just one? I love learning new skills.

I am currently working on watercolour painting and calligraphy but also want to learn sketch noting, scuba diving, and drawing.


14 – Do you use a planner or journal to keep your life from derailing? What kind?

Not yet but I'm on the search for one that works for me. Always open to suggestions!


15 – What does your dream Sunday look like?

A big brunch, time with awesome people or curled up with a blanket and a book in front of a big window.


16 – Do you have a full-time business or a side hustle?

It's a full time business on top of a full-time day job. I love working with the kids in my class but I could never give up my photography. It's a passion for sure.


17 – Coffee or tea?

Neither - I'm a hot chocolate girl.


18 – What is your favourite outfit?


19 – What scares you?

Disappointing the people I care about - my family, my clients, my colleagues.

I love to help people and always worry I will disappoint people. 


20 – Cats or Dogs?

I love both but right now I'm snuggling with my puppy Kowa (named after one of our cameras) so I'm going to have to go with dogs today.


Did you learn anything new? I would love to see you join in and share your answers to these 20 Questions so I can learn more about you!


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London Gold, Navy & White Wedding Inspiration at the Delta London Armouries

It was a gorgeous day and the excitement was palpable as a group of creatives from the London Wedding Professionals gathered at the Delta London Armouries to create a day of inspiration for local London brides in a glamorous ballroom wedding dripping in glitz and stemming from a classic colour palette of navy, gold and white.  

Our number one goal - to show a ballroom wedding can still be fun, modern and unique. With the help of an amazing team of wedding professionals I think we created something beautiful! (Yes, I'm totally in love with this shoot and hope you love it too!)

 London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (4 of 8)

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (7 of 8)

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (5 of 8)



We were thrilled to have this shoot featured in, and on the cover of the Luxury Edition of Hitched Wedding Magazine. Check out some of the featured images below.




Creative Team:

Models - Melissa & Devin

Venue - Delta London Armouries

Dress & Accessories - Once Upon a Time Weddings

Hair & Makeup - Selah Vie Hair & Makeup

Florals - Graceful Petals

Cake - Bright Eyes Bakery

Stationary - Quaint Paper Co.

Co-ordination & Styling - Unmistakably You Boutique Wedding Co-ordination

Decor Rentals - Signature Event Rentals & Unmistakably You

Creative Director & Photography - Rebecca Nash Photography


Thank you to the whole creative team for an amazing job. I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for all of us!


Yours Enthusiastically,

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Inspired By Paper

When your wedding day is approaching, there is a lot of planning to do. How will you make the day your own?  

Enter 2 Clvr Designs! Laura has taken a wedding day staple and turned it into a work of art with endless possibilities. Today's featured wedding inspiration comes from an idea brought to life by a talented local London paper artist and a team of London Wedding Professionals collaborating.


Here are a few of my personal favs, I hope you love them too!

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (19 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (17 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (16 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (15 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (12 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (11 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (10 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (7 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (6 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (5 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (4 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (3 of 19)

Huge thank you to the amazing Creative Team including:

Florals - 2 Clvr Designs

Hair & Makeup - Selah Vie Hair & Makeup Artistry

Gown - Once Upon A Time Weddings

Stationary - Quaint Paper Co.

Co-ordination - Unmistakably You Boutique Wedding Planning

Model - Leanne Roy

Photography - Rebecca Nash Photography


                                                           Yours Enthusiastically,

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Patzee's Styled Shoots


The summer is always an exciting time for weddings, for photography, and for collaboration with AMAZING local wedding vendors.


On a gorgeous Friday afternoon, together with an amazing team of London Wedding Professionals (listed below - check them out) we created our own bridal inspiration session with a taste of what an elegant but natural outdoor white and ivory wedding day could look like.


Creative Team:

Venue, Florals & Decor - Patzees Floral Scapes

Hair & Makeup - Selah Vie Hair and Makeup Artistry

Bridal Gown and Accessories - Once Upon A Time Weddings



I absolutely love the way classic whites and ivories bring together a sense of something clean, fresh and elegant. The addition of silver, chandeliers, and candle light just take it to a new level of romance.


My favourite part was of course, our stunning model (visiting Canada from the Ukraine) with the beautiful lace overlay of the gown, the femininity of her beautiful updo with soft curls framing her face, and who could forget the classic elegance of her makeup!


These are the kind of days my dreams are filled with!

What is your favourite part of the photos below? Would you ever consider a white and ivory colour palette for your wedding day? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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Lavender Dreams Bridal Shoot

What started as a dream quickly became a reality as a team came together from the London Wedding Professionals.The concept - a dreamy natural bridal portrait session amongst lush rows of lavender. The reality - with over 90% of the lavender crop destroyed by an unusually late frost, we still enjoyed every moment in the delicate rows of lavender that survived and exploring the vineyards also on the grounds of this beautiful estate.


This stunning wildflower inspired bouquet full of purples, pinks and greens courtesy of Graceful Petals.


Karla seemed at home among the lavender at Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery


This beautiful design from Quaint Paper Co brings in an elegant but whimsical element to this outdoor bridal session.


Who could resist giving a little twirl and dancing down the rows of the vineyard in this beautiful gown from Once Upon a Time Weddings?


And what shoot would be complete without stopping by the winery.


Karla made a perfect model for the day and, I think, she even had a little fun along the way.



A huge thank you goes out to the amazing creative team that helped made this dream come true.

You are a talented group of ladies and it's a pleasure to call you friends and colleagues!



Photography - Rebecca Nash Photography

Venue - Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

Gown & Accessories - Once Upon A Time Weddings

Invitation & Stationary - Quaint Paper Co

Bouquet - Graceful Petals

Model - Karla Montgomery


Bridal Beauty at the Brookside Banquet Centre

It was a gorgeous Wednesday night, but outside is one place I wasn't found.  

Instead, I spent my evening with some of the most amazing women and talented wedding creatives doing a little styled shoot to try out something new.


Today I'm thrilled to share a sneak peek of just a few of the images we created.

Many Thanks to the amazing Creative Team:

Photography - Rebecca Nash Photography

Venue - Brookside Banquet Centre

Gown & Accessories - Once Upon A Time Wedding

Hair & Makeup - Selah Vie Hair & Makeup Artistry

Flowers - 2 Clvr Designs

Model - Kaitlin Toth


Brookside Bridal - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (1 of 7)

Brookside Bridal - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (2 of 7)

Brookside Bridal - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (4 of 7)

Brookside Bridal - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (5 of 7)

Brookside Bridal - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (6 of 7)

Brookside Bridal - London Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (7 of 7)



Yours Enthusiastically,

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London Wedding Photographer - Rebecca Nash Photography

Rebecca Nash is the Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind London, Ontario's wedding photography company Rebecca Nash Photography. Her passion is helping London, Ontario couples create art that captures the little moments, the details, and the emotions of their own unique London wedding celebration in a way that allows them to relive those joyous moments everytime they look at them. London Wedding photographer Rebecca Nash Photography has a dedication to providing experience driven service to each and every couple she works with to enhance their London Wedding Photography.

Find out more about London Wedding Photographer Rebecca by visiting the about section!

London Wedding Pros - It's Erin from Once Upon A Time Weddings!

1937889_10154336299355029_1450412353_n I'm thrilled beyond imagination to be bringing you a few quick words today from my colleague and dear friend Erin Bouchard. Erin is the Owner of Once Upon A Time Weddings in Strathroy, Ontario and an all around wedding junkie (like someone else we know, hmm...I wonder who)

Over the last few years since I moved to London and dove head first into photographing weddings Erin has been a support, a resource, a brainstorming partner, and so much more! Without further ado, a few words from Erin!


Tell me about your business


A refreshing departure from big box bridal stores and over-priced boutiques, Once Upon A Time Weddings offers a new approach to bridal gown shopping. Go beyond the status quo and experience the only intimate bridal store in Strathroy.

Every Once Upon A Time Weddings bride receives the Peace of Mind that’s fostered from a relationship with an honest, caring, and experienced bridal consultant to help with your entire wedding planning process.

Once Upon A Time Weddings carries the largest selection of plus size wedding gowns in Southwestern Ontario. We stock gowns in sizes 4-26 so every bride, regardless of size, can find the perfect gown.


Your Bio


Owner Erin Bouchard has been working in the bridal industry for seven years. She is a graduate of Heritage College with a degree in Counseling. She is married and is in the final stages of finalizing her adoption of her two beautiful children, Ethan and Arianna.


What inspired you to start your business?


After shopping several local stores for her own wedding & several friend’s weddings, owner Erin Bouchard found a need for a bridal boutique in the London & Sarnia area that was not cookie cutter. Shopping for her own gown was overwhelming as every store seemed to be the same. She encountered the same dresses, same designs, same lack luster customer service. It was then she knew that brides shopping experiences’ did not have to be this way. She envisioned a store that felt more like home. With gowns that weren’t on the cover of every bridal magazine. She dreamt of brides who became more like family and less like a number. She pictured gowns in all sizes so every bride felt beautiful and could try gowns on in a variety of sizes and silhouettes. And because of her fun nature, she pictured brides enjoying their bridal appointment and creating memories that would last long after the I Do’s. And thus, Once Upon A Time Weddings was born.


What do you do for couples?


I work with brides of every size and shape to find the perfect gown for the most important day of their lives. I bring in gowns that can't be found at any other bridal stores so brides have that unique gown that's all their own. I help brides feel beautiful and confident and at home while shopping.


Tell me about your favourite part of the job


That moment was a bride is picturing their wedding day. Envisioning walking down the aisle and having their fiancé see them for their first time. That moment was they realize, yes I'm really getting married. It's a defining moment for most brides and most of the time it's just a subtle acknowledgement that they really are going to be a MRS!


In your clients words…

“Thank you so much for helping me find my dream dress and accessories. You went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect! I received so many compliments about how fabulous the dress was. Thanks again for helping to make my wedding perfect!” Stacey Wills (Glencoe)


Biggest piece of advice you give couples about their weddings:

Keep an open mind and be realistic. Realize that the gowns you've pinned on pinterest or found in magazines may not be the ONE when you try them on. Know it's okay to fall in love with something you weren't expecting. Educate yourself a little bit on what gowns cost for quality. Have the conversation about budget with the key people before you start shopping.


Where can people find you?


2 Front St. W Strathroy, ON N7G 1X4 www.onceuponatimeweddings.ca @onceuponstrath (twitter & instagram & pinterest www.facebook.com/bridalstrathroy


Anything else you would like people to know?

We love our brides and they love working with us. It's about more than a sale with Once Upon A Time Weddings. It's about whose going to be there with you over the course of your engagement.


Wedding Wednesday with Guest Erin Bouchard of Once Upon a Time Weddings

  Today on the Blog I'm pleased to have my friend, colleague, and all around wedding expert Erin Bouchard, Owner of Once Upon A Time Weddings in Strathroy.  Without further ado I'm turning it over to Erin!


So we’ve survived the magical time of the year - for many women it’s made even more magical with a new shiny ring. If you’ve recently got engaged it can be an exciting time of your life. Embrace the happiness, joy and excitement! But you might have a few questions about what to do next or first and what to expect as you prepare for your big day. If this is you, then read on. If you hope that this will be you soon, then read on as well.


That’s where Once Upon A Time Weddings comes in. Once Upon A Time Weddings is a full service bridal boutique located in downtown Strathroy whose mission is to help educate and prepare brides for their big walk down the aisle.


When you first get engaged - you get bombarded with questions and inquiries about when the wedding will be and where it will be. There are some really big decisions to be made as the excitement wears down and the champagne is put away. So grab your fiance and prepare for fun, tears, showers, inappropriate gifts from Grandma and joy as you prepare to start your married life.


The first thing you need to start as a “soon to be Mrs.”, is to sit down with your fiance, your parents, and your fiance’s parents and determine your wedding budget. You can do this in a fun, informal way. It’s a great way for your parents to spend some time with your future in-laws as well. The goal of this get together is to figure out who is contributing what to the wedding and how much you have to spend. Then determine what you have to spend for each category of the wedding. It’s hard to start shopping and picking a venue until you know what you can spend. Then try your best to stick to your budget, but remember to allow for some over spending in some areas.


Once you have a budget set for the big day, you need to start venue shopping. Booking and determining a venue is the one way to solidify your date. Scope out many venues and schedule some meetings with banquet managers once you’ve determined a venue can meet your needs. Once you’ve got your venue booked, you will also have an idea of the formality of your wedding and can begin to think colors, number of guests, and booking other wedding services like photography, DJ, catering, officiant and so on. Start booking these services as soon as you can. It will feel good to get things checked off and the more you can do sooner than later, the more you will feel you’re accomplishing.


At this point, it’s also time to start my favourite part of the wedding planning (but, hey I might be a bit biased). The wedding gown shopping! Start to think about the styles that think you would like - but remember that gowns will look different on your body than they do on the model online. Allow yourself enough time to have lots of options for your big day. Wedding gowns can take up to 8 or 9 months to order in. Don’t take a lot of people with you to your appointment - your mom and one or two other friends is the best bet. You can always have your other bridesmaids come to a wedding gown reveal party after the decision has been made. You might feel like you should include everyone but remember the more people you bring, the more opinions you will have, so bring those whose opinions will actually influence your decision.


For more information about Once Upon A Time Weddings please visit www.onceuponatimeweddings.ca or call us at 519.245.7997. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks about planning your wedding visit our blog at www.onceuponatimeweddings.ca/blog or follow us on face book at www.facebook.com/BridalStrathroy.