The excitement of Creating - Painting new backdrops

The Inspiration....

One of my photography mentors, the beautiful Sue Bryce, has shown these beautiful images she creates that have the feel of a master portrait artist - it's not just a photograph, it's almost a painting! It has that same elegance, artistry, and softness. It was so much of what I wanted to bring to my new Contemporary Elegance Portraits.

When Sue began talking about painting her own backdrops I blew it off...I could never do that. I am NOT a painter. 

Then, with a little encouragement (and a big ole kick in the rear) from people who know me, who love me, who believe in me, and who are learning along side me, I took a look at Sue's videos and info. Suddenly it was like wow...I might actually be able to do this. I should at least try.


Choosing Colours...

I thought this was going to the easy part but half an hour after I walked in to look at paint chips, I walked out still a little unsure. 

In the end, I decided on two beautiful colours inspired by Pantone's 2016 Colours of the Year. Serenity & Rose Quartz.

These colours were just so beautiful, soft and feminine that I knew they were a great place to start.



The first hurdle...I planned for a 5'x7' backdrop and now I am painting 9'x12' canvases instead. WHERE THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO THIS?

It only took a little time to figure out I could tape down some plastic on the carpet in our London portrait studio and paint the backdrops on top. It's was time to get started - I was excited but nervous. I painted for a few hours and then it was time to go home. 

All night I thought about the backdrops - did I put enough paint on? did I put too much on? will the colour look good?

But the next morning I walked in to this....



I couldn't be happier with how these turned out (and I'm already thinking about making more)


Up next....

Photographing them! I can't wait to show you the results

Create Every Day!

Anyone who knows me knows, I don't read books...I devour them!  

This month I have been diving in head first to books about creativity, buisness, love and so much more.

After months off work, trying to recover, I am excited to be getting back out there here in my business and in my classroom with my kids. That said, I still have a lot of work to complete my recovery, and changes that still need to be made to stay balanced going forward. One of the big things missing? Creating!


Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Big Magic" (if you haven't read it, you now) - Starting April 1st, I am challenging myself (and all of you) to carve out time in the daily schedule (I'm doing a minimum of 30 mins but aiming to hit 60 mins most days) to create. Doesn't matter the result - success or failure. Like the old saying says...It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. The point is to create, to make time for it, to schedule it, and love it. The medium doesn't matter.


Throughout the challenge I will be sharing some of my creations on instagram. Some of my favourite mediums you can expect to see:

  • photography (of course)
  • calligraphy
  • hand lettering
  • watercolours
  • creative writing/journalling

Will you join me? Will you make the time to let your creativity out?