Behind the Lens - Being the Best Me (Health & Happiness)

You know the old can't take care of anyone if you can't take care of yourself... Well let me tell you, I am a huge fan of this expression. I spout it off to friends and family. I push them to make changes so they can be the best versions of themselves and be better moms, spouses, friends, creators, workers, etc.

And then I look in the mirror and often wind up thinking something like this

- wow I look tired!

-where did those bags come from?

-who's that sad old lady in my pajamas


Now it's time to get back on track, it's time to take care of me. Why? Because it's important for me to be the best I can be. When I'm taking care of me I'm a more energetic mom, a more supportive partner, a more creative photographer, and a more successful entrepreneur.


So how do I become the best possible me? How do I take care of me?

I'm not a high maintenance girl (anymore). Taking care of me is about feeling healthy, it's about feeling energized, it's about being inspired, and it's about valuing myself.

My top 5 ways to take care of me:

1) Eat a healthy rainbow of fruits and veg plus some lean protein!

2) Workout everyday! It doesn't have to be a huge deal but even just 15 mins on my Gazelle leaves me feeling energized and fabulous! (I'm even working on a goal of running a 5K on Nov 3rd even after swearing I'd never be a runner)

3) Meditate - Okay, Confession here...this is still a work in progress but that few moments of quiet time to concentrate on nothing but my own body and mind works wonders!

4) Sleep! Okay this one seems obvious but for me, a natural early bird, living with a night owl spouse whom I love to spend time with, I have a tendency to burn myself out fast so whenever possible I give myself an early bedtime and try to stick to it at least 5-6 days a week

5) Read - Reading is the workout for the mind. No matter whether it's photography & business, biographies, magazines, health and fitness, or even a romance I just feel so at peace when I dive into a good book and leave the world behind for a few minutes or hours on end!

And yes, I girly it up a little too...maybe I do a face mask, maybe I take a longer shower, maybe I even go all out and paint my nails, get my hair cut, or dye my hair.


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography





London's Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience she provides her London, Ontario photography clients.

"I believe every person’s story is different, every person is unique, and no two relationships are the same - this means no two photo shoots are the same. I thrive on the opportunity to create stunning images for amazing people all around me while giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Each client is trusting me with the opportunity to know their story, share their story, and help them in celebrating life and love in art." - Rebecca Nash