I'm a Life Editor...And So Are you!

I’m participating in the Blog Party for Sage Grayson’s Life Editing for Beginners program! In this 5-week group coaching program, you’ll learn the Life Editing Process and how to delete bad influences, add good habits and routines, and rearrange the parts of your life into a perfect flow. You get daily emails, 10 videos, 10 worksheets, 5 weekly interactive webinars, a private Facebook group, weekly challenges, plus other fun surprises! Doors are open now, so click here to sign up today!

I’m a Life Editor…and so are you! Keep reading to learn how Life Editing for Beginners changed my life.


This morning I'm thrilled to introduce to you Ms Sage Grayson. Take a moment to watch the video below to get a quick introduction to sage...no seriously do it...I will wait...

Okay pretty awesome right? I met Sage a few months back through my addiction to CreativeLive and a course about 'Building a Successful Creative Blog' by April Bowles-Olin. Sage was one of the live audience members and soon after the course wrapped up Sage and I were participating regularly in conversations in the facebook group.


When we came up to the one month after the class I participated in a blog tour talking about what we learned from April's course and how we are applying it. In true blog party style I tried to visit as many blogs participating as possible. I got to Sage's site and I stopped. I was already intrigued with her approach to 'life editing' and was looking for a coaching experience for my business.


Sage and I set up a first call (and I ran out to buy a webcam so we could do via video). It was a great intro to who Sage is and what she offers but I realized at that time I didn't have the time, focus or finances available to start working with her right away. I needed to wait just a bit longer til I could really give the life editing process my full energy and attention.

Here's the quick overview of the Life editing process:



After a personal loss, a long bike ride (the 200+ Ride to Conquer Cancer), a couple couple great days, and then being knocked on my butt by pneumonia, I got an interesting email from Sage. She was getting ready to launch her new course 'Life Editing for Beginners' in a beta testing stage. When I heard about this I was ready to jump in and give this thing a shot.



The course was fantastic for me.

Throughout the process I got new perspective on my own life, on finding balance, and so much more. For me the biggest benefits were the support I got from Sage & the other members of the group on planned topics and the other questions that came to light as we all worked through the process, recharging my gratitude practice (I had forgotten how much of an impact it can have), and the acceptance that's it's ok to say no.

I can't wait to take the skills I learned and start applying them to all areas of my life!


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