Friday Favourites - Journey to St Louis Edition

This Friday Favourites is going to go a little different. Today I am sharing some of my favourite moments from the trip to St Louis for Shutterfest.  

First up, for the sake of full disclosure - yes I attended last year, no I didn't drive last time, no I have never driven this far by myself (I was a little nervous), and yes I have plenty of dumb moments. Now with that out of the way, here we go...


1. Leaving in the early hours - I was excited, there was no way I was going back to sleep so it's time to get going while the roads are still quieter. It's 6:15am (Eastern) and I'm on the road to shutterfest! GPS says it will take me 10 hours to drive there but it doesn't consider things like weather, traffic, and breaks for snacks and/or the ladies room.








2. It's lunch time, I should be hungry so I'm getting ready to stop and then I see it...there's a starbucks at this exit!! I don't care that it's over a mile out of my way to get there or that I am driving past all my normal picks for road trip food (McDonalds, Wendys, etc) I want my hot chocolate. Don't worry, I ate something too...mmm Banana!





3. Funny moment - A Canadian walks into a BP Gas station and when asked how much she wants starts thinking, hmmm.... is 1.99 a good price? is it better then the 83.5cents/litre I paid in Canada? How many Litres are in a Gallon anyways? (Answers - yes it's a good price, yes it's better than 83.5cents/ltr even with exchange it works out to around 61cents/litre, and 3.78 Litres in a Gallon)





4. Oh Man, we're getting entering Illinois! This is where event founder and organizer Sal Cincotta and his team have there studio and make their magic. (Fun fact, it's also the state where a lot of my favourite photography products are made for my studio)








5. That moment driving down the I-55 when the St Louis Arch just peaks around the edge of a mound of earth. I got pretty giddy, not gonna lie, and a little antsy to get there already. When the full arch came into view, man was I excited!








6. A special sight...the Busch Stadium! Now, I admit...I am not a big sports fan but this coming week the Busch Stadium will be playing host to my Sal Cincotta and 13 lucky photographers who have won their way it to a really unique and amazing shoot. AND I am one of them!







7. Home sweet least til April 2nd. Seeing the St Louis Union Station Hotel out my window was the best! Now I know I made it, I'm here, and I'm ready. This place will be my home for the next week or so and will be hosting all the insanity of Shutterfest next Tuesday to Thursday.




It took just over 12 hours, through 2 countries, 1 province and 5 states, and 2 time zones but... I made it! One of my favourite things about staying at a Double Tree by Hilton...warm chocolate chip and walnut cookie on arrival!


The next couple days will be helping out at the studio, at setup, and trying to get as much rest as I can to enjoy the conference next week as much as possible. I know that this community will be full of learning, inspiration, possibility, and friendship. Here we go!