London Wedding Professionals - Introducing Quaint Paper Co.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Tamara and her company, Quaint Paper Co. Read on to learn more about this new London Wedding Professional and her company creating handmade, artistic wedding stationery for your unique wedding celebration!


Tell me about your business:

The Quaint Paper Company is a premium wedding invitation and paper products company. We specialize in custom wedding invitations and accompanying stationery, all of our designs are hand painted by myself, Tammy Pulinec.

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Tell me a little about yourself

I have always been an artist at heart. When I was younger I would make crafts, create sculptures and paint something every single day. I attended a high school with a Regional Arts Program and graduated with a major in visual arts, but didn't pursue that in post-secondary education. I, however, didn't pursue visual arts in post-secondary education. Instead I went on to study culture and heritage in university and college and wound up as an artifact conservator. It was an extremely artistic and detailed field, but one that was not very well supported. I ended up moving to London, Ontario in 2012 (for love - how fitting!), and decided that I was going to go back to my roots as an artist and start a business of my own - and here we are today!

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What inspired you to start your Quaint Paper Co?

I had been thinking about starting a paper products/stationery business for a long time, and the constant encouragement from friends and family was the push I needed to get it going. I was also thrust right into the wedding industry by getting engaged myself, in 2013! I fell in love with all of the designs and possibilities there were for wedding stationery and knew it was a great fit for me.

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What do you do for couples?

I provide couples with a personalized way to set the tone and 'kick-off' their wedding celebration!

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What is your favourite part of creating wedding stationary for your clients?

My favourite part of the job is painting my designs. It's so satisfying to start off with a blank white page, and to end up with a colourful, beautiful design at the end!

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What's the biggest piece of advice you give couples about their weddings?

Your wedding invitations (or save-the-dates) is the first sneak peak of your wedding that people get to see. They should reflect who you and your fiance are, and the tone you want to set for the day.

You can personalize so much more of your day (not just the invitations!) when you work with a custom designer like Quaint Paper Company. It also feels really special to receive something that was hand made, just for you.

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Thanks for taking a moment to share with us. Where can people find you and your beautiful wedding stationary designs?

website - facebook - email - phone - (519) 520 5103

Don't forget to stop by the London Bridal Show on January 17th & 18th at the London Convention Centre.


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