What I love about a Real Love Story

Every year I have the immense honour of being a small part of many real love stories of clients, friends, and family. Maybe I'm just a guest. Maybe I'm a bridesmaid. Maybe I'm the wedding photographer. Or this year, I'm even walking down the aisle.

No matter what role I have on a wedding day there's one thing I love. On a wedding day we are witnessing the start of another new chapter in a real love story that started long before the bride walks down the aisle and will continue on long after the last dance has finished. These are real love stories.


Jim & Michelle Hands

If you are anything like me you grew up on the Disney love stories we find in each of the classic princess movies. Cinderella & her Prince Charming. Ariel & her Prince Eric. Aurora & her Prince Phillip. Jasmine & her Aladdin.

Sure these couples had a few bumps along the way but each time it was magic that overcame the biggest hurdle, love conquered all, and everyone always lived happily ever after that kiss on their wedding day.


Real love stories don't start like these stories, and the happily ever after is something that the couple has to work together to create every single day.

There are bumps along the way, some big & some small, and I've yet to find anyone who has a fairy godmother, magic triton, or genie to make it all okay. Instead those bumps are overcome with hard work, personality, and a whole lot of love.


Each couple I have ever met or had the pleasure of working with has their own unique stories. Stories of their first date, their first fight, the moment they knew, and every hurdle they overcame to stand where they are now. Inevitably they are not the same people who started the journey nor are they the same people they will be a day, a week, or a year from now but together they have grown. Their relationship has a personality of it's own.


London Photographer Rebecca Nash - July 24, 2014-8


It's in these moments as they share their stories, and begin a new chapter in their relationship that we see who they really are. This is what I treasure!


I love knowing a couple at their most honest as they share their stories, share their lives, and share their celebrations with the people that mean the most to them.


So, What do I love about a Real Love Story? I love it's ability to transcend trials, to create a connection to someone else, and the infinite potential in each and every story for a life of little miracles and big blessings!


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