Dancer Dreams...a personal project


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to dance. She danced before, during, and after dance class. She took ballet, jazz, acro, modern, swing...if it was taught at her studio, she definitely tried it.


Over time that little girl grew up and she let those dance classes go. Don't get me wrong, she still loved dance but now it was in her classroom, her studio, her car or the kitchen when she cooked. 


This year It's time for that little girl to bring back the dance in her art. I am excited to announce a new project - "Dancer Dreams" a personal project to capture the beauty, the elegance, and passion every dancer has. 




First up, the amazing Alexa agreed to be my first model in the studio and she was AMAZING!! Working with her (and her beautiful mom) in studio to start exploring the options for these dance portraits reconnected me once again to the love I have for dance (and the talent dancers who bring it to life) and the personal project too. 



Alexa has a strength, a beauty, and a grace that surpasses the average person's understanding. It was a joy to watch her as she found her groove in front of the camera and really showed her own love of dance.


Family Portraits with Jeff, Heidi and the girls!

Family is important to many of the people I have the privileged of photographing and the same is true of today's featured family.  

Heidi & Jeff have 3 daughters Hunter, Abby, & Olivia. This family shares many things but primarily a love of the outdoors and the game of soccer.

I spent a great evening out in Kawanis Park here in London, Ontario getting to know them all better, seeing their personalities shine through, and watching them enjoy some time kicking the ball around as the sun faded from the sky.


As in any family, there's always one or more people that have a little trouble keeping a real smile going for a shoot. My solution? Laughter...The more they laugh, the more they relax and the genuine smiles shine through.


And as always, the kids must play! No matter the style of portrait, no matter the location, there must always be an element of fun!