I'm at a conference - why would you care?

Today is the first official day of Shutterfest 2016. If you follow me, this is not the first you are hearing about it.This big questions is as a bride or colleague...



"Why would I care?"


There are a lot of professionals in every field out there who choose not to share the education they attend. Why? They feel like 1) it makes them look like they don't know what they are doing yet or 2) they don't think the people who trust them will care. I don't know about you, but I would love to hear more about the continuing education professionals I work with (like my daughters teacher, my doctor, my accountant, my mechanic and more...) are involved in.


Here are just a few reasons why professional development and education matter.

  1. It shows dedication to what they do
  2. It keeps us up to date on trends, techniques and more
  3. It inspires growth, change, and passion for what we do (or at least good education does)
  4. It builds a community of professionals (I don't have all the answers but I probably know someone I trust who can help)


I came to Shutterfest for some very specific reasons...

  • I want to grow as an artist by learning from others and experimenting
  • I want to grow as a business owner - how can I keep improving the client experience to really give them the very best?
  • I want to learn what is new in my field - is there a new technique that will give my clients better results? are there new products that will help my clients enjoy there artwork more (or for longer)?
  • I want to be inspired! I want to be energized!
  • I want to meet others who are passionate about the same things I am