Style Me Monday: Looking Hot While Getting Sexy

Looking Hot While Getting Sexy


This week's style inspiration comes from my recent trip to Lululemon with my good friend Michelle.
I have been working this year to get myself looking & feeling good inside and out. I've cleaned up my eating, been hitting the gym regularly, sleeping more at night, and taking care of myself.
My usual gym wear consists of oversized tees or basic ribbed tanks, with stretchy pants or short. This year I got to add the awesome skirt pictured before (and a fun hairband) to my workout wear wardrobe. I was super thrilled with the fabrics, the fit, the styles but two things that stood out:
  1. They have all lengths! Hallelujah!
  2. When they add grip to something (like the grip on the legs of the shorts under that skirt so they don't ride up or the little grip dots inside my new hairband) the grip is made of silicone and there's no latex in sight (I'm allergic).


Now I'm setting goals for myself then rewarding myself with a fantastic workout wardrobe!


What do you wear to workout?


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography


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