Stepping out of my comfort zone with Ethan Meleg's Wildflower Workshop


This past weekend my husband and I packed up the car and took off for one of our favourite places, Tobermory, for a weekend. We were there for photographic learning and geeky-ness with one of Canada's award winning outdoor photographers we have the pleasure of calling a mentor and friend, Ethan Meleg. (Check out his work at


Two summers ago my husband Ross and I attended Ethan's Landscape Photography Workshop in Killarney and it was amazing! Beautiful landscapes, great people, and some time to get back to the love of photography.


This time we joined Ethan for something a little more detailed, wildflowers. The first thing I learned...we have a heck of a lot more beautiful wildflowers growing naturally in our province then I ever knew. Like...more than 50 varieties of Orchids alone with 40 or so of them calling the Bruce Penninsula home. I never would have know that if not for this Wildflower Photography Workshop.


From there it was about getting back to basics. Unlike a wedding day or studio portrait session, I could not move my subject to get the lighting or backdrop I wanted. I had to look around me and find the best options based on the position of the flower. I also had to explore things like...

  • my vantage point (which flowers should be photographed side on? which ones look better photographed straight down on? which angle gives me the best background and lighting?)
  • my depth of field (how much of the background do I want to show? is it adding to the image or distracting from it?)
  • and so much more!

It really took me out of my comfort zone but in some ways it took me back to basics.


I am excited to share more about the weekend and the awesomeness that happened there. For today though, I hope you enjoy this little video of some of my first images from the weekend.



I'm so excited! Spending the day learning from Zach & Jody Gray

Ok, if you know me at all you already know two things... 1) I love to keep learning...about photography, about business, about lighting, about marketing, about art...

2) I love Zach & Jody Gray! This dynamic duo have taught me so much about photography and business, have inspired alot of things in my business, have invested in helping me reach my goals, and even flew up to photograph my wedding day.


And do you know what I will be doing this weekend? I will be spending the day Saturday at Hangloose Studios in Toronto, thanks to Henry's School of Imaging, learning from Zach & Jody in the workshop 'Making Money & Creating Light'. So wait...that's taking one part learning, one part business, one part lighting, and one massive part Zach & Jody. Sounds perfect right?


Let's rewind a little to the first time I met them...


I don't honestly know how I came across Zach & Jody, but I'm so grateful I did. After following their blogs, social media, and teachings on CreativeLive for a little over a year I was completely stoked to find in 2012 they would speaking at the Spring Henry's Camera Exposure Show in Toronto.

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 27, 2012-3 London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 27, 2012-4


I knew I had to hear them speak live, and dragged my (now) husband in to listen to them speak (even though he doesn't photograph people if he can avoid it in any way - he likes subjects that don't talk back like tree, mountains, or waterfalls).

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 27, 2012-2

After their talk I was super excited to get to actually met them. Admittedly my heart raced a little as I approached them to say hello and grab a quick photo. Of course I was one of many people waiting for the opportunity so I said hello, got a photo, and wandered off.

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 27, 2012

I popped back about 15mins later to find Zach & Jody still there having conversations, answering questions, and just generally being awesome. I stood off to the side watching and listening (such a people watcher) when Jody walked over, stood next to me, put out her hand and was like "Hi, I'm Jody" I shook her hand with a simple "I know, I love you guys!". The real breathtaking moment for we started chatting and I said something about following them online, Jody went "Whoa, RNashPhoto from twitter?"

OMG, Jody knew who I was. Believe me, I was on a cloud for the rest of the day. (i still get excited remembering this)


Back to the Present...

If you couldn't tell by this totally unplanned rambling...I'm super excited for tomorrow's workshop for the friendship, the learning, the inspiration, and the leap forward in my skills I know will be happening after so I had to share.


Are you going to be there? Let me know below and make sure to say hello (I'll be the crazy lady in the front row with the laptop)



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