Inspiration Infusion - Sebastian & Urban Barn

Urban Barn Creative Director & Head Buyer Sebastian- London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_2  

Last month I posted a little info from the sneak peek of the Urban Barn location that just opened here in London, Ontario. (Check out the original post - Decor Inspiration Overload at the Urban Barn London Sneak Peek)

This month I'm excited to share a few more photos and some of the stories and insights that were shared with me on this visit. It gives me a glimpse into a company I'm thrilled to be following and hopefully that you will love following too.


Things I learned about Sebastian, Creative Director & Head Buyer for Urban Barn...

- Sebastian is Canadian born and raised. Born in Montreal and now a resident of the beautiful city of Vancouver

- One of his favourite places to visit is Thailand because of the kind people. He loves to indulge in cooking classes, massages, and a good manicure and pedicure while he's there.

- Sebastian and I found common ground when we discussed trips to Spain (one of my favourite places in the world). When visiting Spain Sebastian loves spending time in Barcelona where there's history, culture, good food, and more always close by. You can do it all!

- Sebastian finds inspiration all around him but especially in design & fashion. Case in point, one of the area rugs currently in store was inspired by a dress Sebastian saw a woman wearing while traveling. Sebastian approached the woman explaining who he was and asked to photograph her dress. As he says...he still hasn't heard from her asking for royalties.


Things I learned about Urban Barn...


- Floor lamps have been a big hit


- Everything is made in Canada! (Hooray!)


- All the couches are available as you see them but they are customizable too. Want a sleeper sofa? They can do that. Want to change the size? They can do that too. Different colour or fabric? Absolutely!

Are there limits to what's possible? Of course...I didn't find any magic wands but these guys can help you make your seating work for you in a big way.


- The grey stain has become very popular on their wood products. I can totally understand this one - I love the modern vintage feel of the grey. It fits in perfectly with the vibe of so much of their furniture.


- They created a line for the man den with a more masculine feel. Don't confuse this with the man cave. The Man Den is a little more chic, a little more polished.


- Urban Barn has become known for their accents including laughing buddhas, and the hoot stool.


Ideas and inspiration from my visits...


- I'm not crazy to love the teal & purple combo...there's even a beautiful collection at urban now! Think couches, chairs, pillows, napkins, bedding, accents, and more


- Personality and person beliefs can come together and be truly beautiful! Take a look at all the reclaimed wood, the recycled glass that looks so gorgeous! The geek chic pillows, the rock'n'roll accents, the variety of artwork that all come together to create a room with style and personality.


- Modern Vintage can include everything from the materials to the final styling just like my contemporary elegance portraiture.


Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_53 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_54 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_44 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_50 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_42 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_34 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_33 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_32 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_22 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_14 Urban Barn - London, Ontario Sneak Peek - Rebecca Nash Photography Aug2013_12 more!


So now my question becomes...

What's your favourite thing about Urban Barn?


 Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography




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BlogHer12: Taking (safe) risks in NYC

This month I had the great pleasure of heading off to BlogHer12 in NYC to spend 3 FABULOUS days (Aug 2-4) with over 5000 other (primarily) female bloggers meeting fantastic brands who understand the value of this group, learning together in great sessions and panels, and networking our hearts out at the many official and private parties. The whole experience was rather mindblowing and paradigm shifting experience. In anticipation of this amazing and over whelming experience in a city I've always wanted to visit, I arrived a day early and left two days late to be able to decompress a little and see the city. Unfortunately I did not plan as well as I might have liked. I arrived, checked into my hotel, hung my clothes, prepared to go sightseeing, and then I froze! Wait! I'm in a crazy big city, where I know absolutely no one, and I'm just going to randomly wander around?

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that that is not me. In many ways I am a play it safe girl (especially when it comes to personal safety and getting myself lost in a strange city). I am also not the type to randomly speak to complete strangers who I have no interaction with, but, I decided to reach out. I took the chance and hoped over to the #blogher12 twitter stream and found another attendee who was also hesitant to head out on her own but starving. We met up and went out to lunch together and it was fantastic! The next brave step, I wanted to tour the town...I decided to start by venturing across the road to the actual conference venue where I had the good fortune to cross paths with Liz from Yes/No Films and her friends in the lobby. Jenn, like me, had no plans for the evening and willingly obliged my desire to see the city hoping on the double decker night bus tour with me. Here are a few snaps from our tour!

My top 5 to do's in NYC (besides BlogHer)

With only days to go til I arrive in NYC (and only 2 days when I'm not in conference while I'm there), I really needed to narrow down my to do list so here's my top 5 to do's (in a cute flipbook from blogher12 sponsor What's in your top 5?


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