Talking Fast - a #mondaymotivation post


It's been one of those weekends.


One of those weekends where ideas are flying at me a mile a minute and it's all I can do to get them all into words and out before the next one hits. The times when I could give Lorelei Gilmore a run for her money in the fast talking department.


When these days hit, I frequently hear the call to 'slow down you're talking too fast' from the people around me. To all the other excitable people out there remember these words from photographer and business mentor Jasmine Star.


"I Don't Talk Fast, 

You Just Listend Slow"



What is the trigger that gets me going? Right now its definitely my new portraits and everything I am learning from my clients and my mentor Sue Bryce.  Like mind blown 10 times a day and then ideas & revolations every three seconds when I step away from my learning for a few minutes. (Plus the massive outpouring of love from my Shutterfest family - it's been overwhelming in the best kind of way)


Now it's your turn, what gets you pumped up, excited, and talking at the speed of light?


Tell me about it in the comments below!