The Henry's Exposure Show Fall 2011...

So how was my weekend...well it was busy, intense, and FABULOUS!!! This weekend was my regular trip to the Henry’s Exposure Show in Toronto (formerly the Digital Imaging Expo). The show happens twice a year (Spring and Fall) and it’s definitely something I look forward to. It’s three days of free seminars, guest speakers, vendors, and great deals. There’s always something to see, try, learn, or of course buy. For me, having attended the show for 5 consecutive shows, another highlight is meeting with friends and making new ones in instructors, vendors, and attendees. I even had the opportunity to speak on cam for to describe their site and what I love about it. (Watch for it to be posted soon) With all the fun I had, I just had to share some highlights from the we go!

Old Friends:

Amber from Westcott Co. ( – Amber is always a blast! We even managed to make it out to dinner together which is always a blast. Amber is the personality behind @westcottco on should get to know her too!

Kristian Bogner from Nikon ( – Kristian always has good advice and inspirational images to show including images in his “Journey into the Unknown” presentation from his recent trip to India. Check his blog out! (

Micheal Willems from MVW Photography / Henry’s School of Imaging ( – Micheal is a fantastic instructor and photographer. I always enjoy our conversations and his seminars – helpful with a good sense of humour!

Dave & Andrew from Headshots Toronto ( – These guys just have great personalities and I love stopping by to say hello.

New Friends:

Ren Bostelaar of Henry’s ( and Urban Photographer ( – I had the pleasure of sitting in on Ren’s Urban Photography talk last year and enjoyed it enough to sit in again. I just had the good fortune to sit with him for another workshop prior and chat. We hit it off and this is one new friend I’ll be keeping in touch with and hopefully heading out shooting with soon. Favourite tip – when you don’t have anything planned take your city map, divide it into a grid, number the square and use a random number generator to assign you a street photography assignment for the day. I will be doing this one soon for sure!

Katia Trudeau of Katia Trudeau Photography ( Beautiful photos, an interesting story of how she became a photographer, and fashion sense! Thanks to Katia I have been introduced to a new presentation software that I’m loving the real feel of it.

Andrey Tocilin of ( – Andrey and I met when I stopped by the booth, we checked out my account together, made a quick video for the website and I walked away with a cool new t-shirt

Linda & Phil from Amplis ( Okay these two had to endure alot from me this weekend as I repeatedly stopped by to ask questions about the hahnemuhle, ilford, and awagami papers on display as well as the sticknstretch gallery wraps. Great people!

Medena from Nikon ( – Funny thing turns out that we have spoken by phone from the order desk before when I have called to inquire on lenses. So good to have a face to go with the voice.

Mike from Epson ( – Mike also has the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 (which I’m awaiting deliver of at the moment) so I had tons of questions about ink usage, print speed, ease of use, stand requirements and more. Mike was totally patient with all my questions over the three days.

Great Products:

Think Tank Retrospective Lens Changer 3 bag – Pine ( – This is my new bag for weddings and street photography that allows me to have 3 lenses standing up at my hip ready for a quick change in a durable but casual style messenger bag

With the order of my new Epson 4900 and an upcoming gallery exhibit in the works (more details coming soon) I’m looking to try out a number of new papers to find the best matches for the new projects as well as my regular portrait and wedding printing needs so I have some sample packs now that I’m eager to try out including papers from

Epson (

Hahnemuhle Papers (

Ilford Papers (

Awagami Papers (

Nikon Nikkor 85mm F1.4G Lens (yes I’m drooling here!) ( This is the next lens on my list for sure as I make a shift towards prime lenses for portraits.

And as always there was so much more I can’t even explain it all! If you were there, what were your highlights? If you weren’t advice, watch for the announcement of the Spring 2012 Exposure show and plan to be there, I know I will!