The Impact of Attention

Okay so this blog today is about a recent experience I have had. Those of you that follow me on twitter may have noticed a post a few days ago regarding the printer I am awaiting delivery of. I went like this  

"very upset to hear that my @epson_store Stylus Pro 4900 that I ordered 2 weeks ago from @HenrysCamera won't arrive until Mid Nov...not happy "

Was I pissed off? Not really. Was I blaming someone for some kind of wrong doing? No way. Was I annoyed and venting...absolutely but that's not what this post is about. This is a post about what happened after that. With many large corporations like Henry's and Epson this post would have been the end of the conversation or maybe a quick note back apologizing for the inconvenience. Not so here. Not only did I receive a message within minutes but when Peter from Henry’s replied saying they would look into this situation and get back to me shortly, he actually did! Within an hour I had a phone call from Peter himself to explain what was happening (henry’s receives Epson printers through a 3rd party supplier like all retail outlets and their supplier is backordered) and that they were looking into the situation further to see what could be done. Peter was polite, knowledgeable, sincere, and honest in our conversation. This was when I really had that wow moment realizing not only had someone heard me but they actually cared!


Since this time I have had multiple follow up tweets and personal messages to let me know the status of the printer and what it is they are hoping to be able to do. At this point, even if they can’t get the printer to me earlier, I feel good about choosing to deal with Henry’s because they have shown me that customer satisfaction is not just some catch phrase in their marketing or policies. They actually mean what they say.


Kudos must go out to


1) Joshia from the London South location of Henry’s who assisted me in choosing the printer, ordering it, and getting it on the payment terms that work for me.


2) Peter from Henry’s Head Office (sorry Peter I don’t know your official title) who has been so diligently responding to my messages, calling me personally, and following up with me to keep me updated with any progress


3) Brian from Epson who also took the time to follow up with my comments online to let me know about a delay in shipping due to high demand on these printers with many retailers offering some amazing promotions.


I believe that when real customer service happens in this day and age it should be recognized, don’t you?