Tips for your family's holiday photos

A few tips to get you through your holiday portrait experience: - Coordinate your families Attire – it may be matching outfits (ex. classic blue jeans and a white tee shirt) or matching colour schemes (ex. everyone in black and white) but the photo works better when you are all in sync – try laying everyone’s outfits out side by side and see if it all blends nicely together or if something is jumping out at you.

- Choose solid colours in clothing whenever possible. As nice as prints can be limit them wherever possible to draw the attention to the people not the collage of prints.

- Meet with your photographer beforehand (especially if there are children in the photo or others who are not comfortable in front of the camera). This is an opportunity to get to know them better, build expectations for both your family and the photographer, and build a rapport. All of these will contribute to better communication and a higher comfort level with each other during the shoot.

- When choosing an on-location portrait shoot. Consider the location carefully and discus with your photographer – they may know some great spots you haven’t thought of yet.

- KISS – we all know this one “Keep it simple stupid” I don’t mean this to offend anyone but sometimes when planning our perfect portraits session we get so carried away with the outfits, accessories, location, props etc. that we over complicate the photos. All of a sudden its no longer about the people in the photo and their relationships. Look to keep everything as uncluttered as possible. Think simple, clean, classic when considering options and don’t forget to ask yourself – does this add to my photo or just clutter it?

- How are you going to make this a portrait you want to hang on the living room wall? Consider the style you are looking for...if you like having the same formal portrait year after year to complete a collection recognize that, or if you something that represents what you and your family have been up to or love doing together at that time? There is no right answer, just the right answer for your family

- Remember, your photographer is there to make you happy don’t be afraid to ask for what you want but also listen to their suggestions, at the end of the day they are there to make you look good!