Urban Photography in TO with my guide Peter Visima

This past weekend I had the opportunity to do some street photography in Toronto! My other half was attending the “Painting with Light” workshop through the Henry’s School of Imaging (www.schoolofimaging.ca) at the downtown Toronto location last weekend which gave me the opportunity to spend some time with Peter Visima (ecommerce manager for Henry’s and my friend who helped me get everything sorted with the delivery of my Epson4900).

Peter was kind enough to come spend the morning with me (after walking around the Toronto store and adding a number of items to my mental wishlist), and tour me around the downtown area for a mini photo walk. It was a great way to spend some time exploring, photographing, getting to know Peter better, and learning from him. We found some interesting buildings, reflections, textures and colours along the way. I’m looking forward to our next photo walk!

Enjoy a  my favourite image from the day below!