Wedding Wednesday: Classic Hair Inspiration

Hair...Beautiful hair! With all different lengths, colours, and styles there are so many things to try! Here is a quick showcase of some of my favourite takes on four common wedding day styles.
1. Braids - these face framing braids add beautiful texture to the hair!
2. Romantic Waves - always a classic these looser cascading curls are a gorgeous option which can be equal parts princess and beach elegance depending on the style. Just stay away from the Shirley Temple tight curls in this longer style.
3. Updos - From Chinions to French Twists there are always great polished classics to be found but don't count out some of the new textured looks with sections overlapped and intertwined by the nap of the neck. Catharine, the Duchess of Cambridge recently showed off a similar elegantly intricate (yet polished) style.
4. Accessorized Styles - flowers, rhinestones, vintage pins and clips can add a bit of sparkle, whimsy, or elegance to any hair style.

Any of these style could be the perfect fit for your wedding day or try combining elements from each to create your own unique vision of wedding day beauty. Which of these would you be most likely to try on your wedding day?