Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Cake Inspiration

Okay, ummm....I don't think there's anything I can say. There's something here for everyone from bright and colourful cupcakes and macaroons, to traditional white on white tiers and everything in between.
I'd love to say more but if I stare at this screen any longer, I may just try to eat it!
My number one tip - decide which is most important to you....taste or appearance? As beautiful as fondant icing is (and it is, it looks amazing!), anyone who's attended a few weddings can tell you that it generally gets left on the plates because, lets face it, it's usually gross! Sometimes a butter cream is a better way to go. Talk to your cake baker and find out what is possible. Maybe they have an amazing butter cream, or a fondant that tastes amazing. They can tell you what its all about, but ask to see and taste it for yourself too. It's your day, so have your cake your way!