Wedding Wednesday: What to do with your dress after the wedding...

Every bride knows that their wedding dress is a big decision that affects many other decisions along the journey of planning your wedding day, but have you decided what to do with the dress when your day is over?  

These days there are a few different options

  1. Let it hang in the closet
  2. Get it cleaned and packed up to preserve it
  3. Donate it to charity
  4. Sell it
  5. Or display it in a loving way like this bride did


I love the way this bride preserved her dress. It was an important part of her day, her memories, and her style so she had her gown custom framed and lit in her walk in closet.

Why don't we do this more? Why wouldn't we want to remember the happiest day of our lives? If it were me, I would love this - Everyday I'd walk into my closet to get dressed and that dress would give me a boost thinking about how amazing the day was, how beautiful I felt, how beautiful I was...That's the mind frame I want to be in (happy and confident) when I'm getting dressed at the beginning of my day.


Would you do this with your dress? Tell me about what you did (or plan to do) with your dress after the big day and why!





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