Wedding Week Whirlwind!

Hello again!  

I'm here today to offer my most sincere apologies for the lack of blog posts this week. I set out with a plan and all the best of intentions, however, it's gotten a little sidetracked.

Along with meeting with the curator of the Grimsby Art Gallery and Linda Stanley of Canadian Art Cards regarding the joint exhibit I have been working on with fellow artist Stephen Arthurs, I have come home to my parents place in Stoney Creek with my munchkin for her March Break and the week leading up to a hugely exciting family event. The Wedding of my big sister! This coming Saturday March 17th my sister Jenn will be walking down the isle and both my daughter and I are in the wedding party. I'm so excited to not only share in her big day by attending but by supporting her as a bridesmaid with my daughter at my side.

As part of my honors and duties as a bridesmaid and sister I have come home and made myself available to help with anything my sister may need done during this week leading up to the wedding.

I will be continuing my regularly scheduled blog posts starting next Monday (likely with a few extra posts thrown in later this week or next week to make up for this missed posts as I have a ton of info to share with you all!)

Thank you all in advance for your understanding and I look forward to catching up on my blogging and sharing some of the wedding fun with you next week!

Have an amazing week!