Windows BlogHer12 Total Style Makeover

Okay, wow...where to begin! Well let's start at the beginning shall we. Why am I writing this post? Well, back in June I began the process of rebranding, but I don't want to just rebrand my website, with events like the MTV Movie Awards Celebrity and the upcoming trip to NYC for BlogHer12 coming up, I also need to rebrand myself. What do I mean when I say rebrand myself? Well that's simple - do I want to change who I am? Absolutely not! But years ago, after the birth of my daughter, my style moved from that of a somewhat confident and quirky young woman (with ever changing hair colour) to a somewhat frumpy mom whose insides and out are completely mismatched.

I realized recently the importance my appears has. Not only am I the face and personification of my brand, but I am also the example to my 6 year old daughter. I want her to grow up being proud of how I present myself to the world, but also being proud of who she is, and presenting her own personality through style.

I began my company, Rebecca Nash Photography, and this blog to help others in any way I can but there were also selfish reasons for beginning the company.

From the time I found I was expecting my daughter, I was a single parent. And from the beginning there were challenges. I returned to home to the home of my parents while my daughter was born, returned to college after her birth to better our future, however, even after completing school I missed many moments with my daughter in order to earn the income needed to provide for her. When her health was declining for over a year and a supportive new spouse we were sharing our home with, I had the opportunity to begin my business full time from home to allow more time for daughter and flexibility to care for her.

Now with her health restored, and my business still in its infancy, I work to find the balance everyday between family and work as every mom does. One element of this is reinventing my brand and image to better match the kind of person I am as well as the services & customer experience a work so hard to provide every customer. Unfortunately, my wardrobe of poorly fitted, worn, and quite frankly boring clothing hinders me in my business, my promotion of the business, and my ability to set an example for my daughter.

I truly, and honestly believe that with an updated unique style I could take my business & personal life to new levels of success not only through the difference in how I look but the difference in how I feel.

After watching many shows (big fan of what not to wear, Makeover Makeunder, and how to look good naked) and watching friends experience transformations in their appearance and style I believe I can safely say the biggest benefit comes from the way people feel about themselves, project that confidence, and the way others begin to perceive them in all of their daily interactions.

I am eager to begin the process of becoming the best possible version of myself both inside and out. First step for me was inspiration...I have been online shopping, trying on clothes, and reading articles on style, body types, and the like to get me prepared for this exciting but overwhelming task.

Find out more my ideal style by checking out my pinterest board at

Next step in the process - building the budget and raising the funds! More photos of the few new pieces I've acquired coming in another post soon!







“In writing this post, I’m entering the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover!”

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