Fabulous Fun with Haley

When two red heads get together, anything can happen!

Haley and I had a great time at Eighteen10 Cafe in London photographing some fabulous branding portraits for her. If you don’t know Haley, she’s a financial wiz who’s excited about learning, about helping others, and building connection within the community. I suspect this gorgeous young lady is going to be one to watch in so many ways.

The other thing I love about Haley - she loves to have fun! Once we finished up the more formal part of her shoot we took a little wander down to the Western Fair Market here in London, Ontario for some more casual portraits. And what better way to end a shoot than running through the splash pad?

I hope when you look at these images, you see the stunningly beautiful and fantastic woman that I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

HaleyCollins Lifestyle Personal Branding215.jpg

Alignment Coach Amy AllChurch (of the Babe Squad) at the Blushing Babes Brunch

Alignment Coach Amy AllChurch (of the Babe Squad) at the Blushing Babes Brunch

Today I’m thrilled to be introducing you to another amazing lady here in London, Ontario. I had an opportunity a few months back to get Amy in front of my camera for a few minutes at the Blushing Babes Brunch and knew I wanted to feature her here.

Amy is the boss babe behind the Babe Squad. I hardly know how to put into word what it is that Amy does, so I’m going to use her words. Beyond being an educator online & off, she’s a wife, a mom, and a seriously amazing person who helps people understand themselves better and reach their goals.

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