You are Beautiful! 

Our Pampering & Empowering Magazine Style Portrait Sessions help you feel strong and beautiful so you can love and celebrate the superwoman you are every single day. 



I Believe...

I believe in Everyday Superheros...
just like you. Strong, Beautiful, and Full of Passion.

I believe in Celebrating...
you life, your love, your beauty, your kindness, and your strength. Let me show you all the amazing things I see in you.

I believe you are worth it...
worth pampering, worth celebrating, worth loving, and worth existing in photographs now and for all time.


London Portrait Photographer Rebecca Nash - Karla Portraits (3).jpg

“The most amazing and talented photographer that I could imagine, and I get to call her a dear friend and fierce powerhouse supporter of yours truly. Thank you Rebecca for turning your passion into business through Rebecca Nash Photography and reflecting all the greatness you see in someone back to them. You've changed the way I look at myself, my life, and this world we live in.
For everyone else who has yet to have the experience of stepping in front of her camera, I highly recommend it. It's an unforgettable experience that may just be the thing you need to change your life around.”

— Karla

London Photographer Rebecca Nash - AyebeaNovember 18, 2017-4.jpg

“Women do a lot for everyone else. We rarely take the time to do something for our selves. Last year I decided to take some portraits. Something I haven't done in forever. Rebecca Nash Emerson is an amazing photographer in London who made the whole experience the best ever. We had a makeup session, a like fashion session, and then it was picture time. She really knows how to make you laugh and feel comfortable. I was nervous at first but everything went smooth. The day I went to pick up my pictures, I cried cause "Damn I looked good!". Ladies do something for you once and a while. Thx Rebecca.”

— Ayebea



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