How will your Wedding Day be Remembered?

On October 2014 I walked down the aisle and said I do. To this day, it’s the best decision I ever made. That day I became a wife.

Now, when I look at the things around me I recognize the most valuable thing I own, the most valuable thing I will ever own is my wedding album.

It reminds me of the love we have. It fills me with joy to remember all the people who wanted to support us in such an important moment. And I will never tire of curling up on the couch and looking through the images with my daughter.

Being a bride gave me new perspective not just on the value of a photographer and the impact they can make, but on what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera. To stand in your shoes as you plan for your wedding day.

Why Rebecca Nash Photography for your Wedding Photography...

  • I will be here with you every step of the way, you don’t have to do it alone - You can expect to hear from me each month from booking through product deliver and beyond. My most important role is a supportive friend along the journey - I’ve even been called an honorary bridesmaid.

  • You will be working with trusted expert with experience and resources (from guides to help you plan your timeline and create your shot list to a community of hundreds of wedding professionals I can call on to answer your questions or bring your dreams to life) so I can help you as you plan your perfect wedding day

  • I work with you, coaching you along the way, so that they can feel good at every angle



I Believe In…

I believe in Love stories...
not just the ones we find in story books but that ones that take place around us every day.

I believe in Marriage...
that lasts. Marriages full of love, friendship, supporting each other through the good & bad, and so much more. Your wedding is the celebration of the first day of this journey you are taking together.

I believe in Family Heirlooms...
in taking a moment, a memory, a feeling and making it something you can hold today and forever.

I believe in Supporting Others...
in the most important moments in their lives. My job is not just to click the shutter, it's to make your wedding the most memorable day of your life so far (for all the right reasons).

I Believe in Love



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