Products - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 2)

Products - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 2)

Do your love a wedding album that uses your photographers to tell the love story?

Do you have a space on your wall just waiting for the perfect image?

Let’s chat about a few of the options for amazing digital and physical products your photographer might offer for your wedding photographs

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See the Beautiful Inside and Out - #MotivationMonday


Ever wonder why some people see beauty everywhere while others never seem to see it?

If we cannot find beauty within ourselves, how can we recognize and appreciate the beauty around us. There is beauty in your kindness. Their is beauty in your love. There is beauty in your movement. There is beauty in your strength. There is beauty in your vulnerability. There is beauty in the simple rhythm of breaths in and out. There is so much beauty inside each and every one of us, if we only stop for a moment to see it.

As I dive deep into the Beauty Is project, I see more and more that our ability to see beauty in others and in the world around us is so closely tied to our ability to recognize the beauty in ourselves and love ourselves for it. As women step in front of my camera for a portrait, they are vulnerable in that moment and trusting that I can see and capture that inner beauty.

What is one thing you think if beautiful about yourself? (hint - you don't need to look in the mirror for this one)

Time to Kick Some...


In our busy lives we are always looking to hustle harder and do more. Often we just don't know where to start.

This is where I have found myself lately - so much I want to do. 

In my journey to do more, accomplish more, and make things happen I got a little overwhelmed. And when I get overwhelmed, sometimes I just shut down. 

Then someone shared this quote with me. I may not know every step I am going to take but it's time to lift up my foot.

Do Something Everyday that Scares You


Psychologists agree, change is scary. Our bodies and minds react to change in order to keep us safe. To make us think about what we are doing, but, sometimes that reaction can hold you back too.

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone to make things happen. To chase our dreams.

So want scares you? What do you hold back from doing?

For me there is a list of things...

  • Blogging More Often
  • Talking about my Business in everyday conversations
  • Getting on Video
  • Asking for the booking
  • Standing on Stage sharing my knowledge and experience
  • Sharing my struggles
  • Sharing my success

...and so much more.



Someone once said (there's much debate on who originally said it) "Do Something Everyday That Scares You" and it's something I want to start doing a whole lot more of.


Are you with me? What are you going to do today?

My Favourite Image....a challenge from the #VantagePoint Project and Light.Co

When Tim originally reached out to me I was super excited. Not only had someone at the innovative company Light.Co noticed my work, they wanted me to be part of a project they were working on. (If you haven't heard of Light.Co yet you should check out their new 16 lens small camera - it's got amazing potential and I am definitely hoping to test one out soon.) As part of their #VantagePoint project, Light.Co was reaching out to photographers, asking us to share our favourite image that we have taken and a bit of the why and how of that image. Right away I was on board but I will admit, this post has taken a lot longer to come together than either of us expected. Why? Because after almost 8 years of photographing professionally, and working with some really amazing people, choosing a favourite image is hard!

So today I introduce you to a few of my favourite images from the last 8 amazing years of photography. These images come from one of my on location styled sessions to create unique stylized portraits and the experience of the whole day with Karla was a huge inspiration for the new line of Contemporary Portraits we introduced in the winter. 



We were up at the crack of dawn (ok, a bit before that) - Karla prepped in hair and makeup while I loaded up and made my way (with my hubby) to the beach in Port Stanley before the firsts rays of light began to show over the horizon. 

Especially for this session, we had rented a beautiful parachute dress. This dress, formerly a 35 foot military parachute, had strength and femininity. It had structure but still had flow. It was a practical item made beautiful. It represented so much of the strength, softness, and beauty that exists in every woman.

We encountered many struggles along the way including...

  • it was 4:30am, where was Karla going to change?
  • There was a storm rolling in, were we going to be able to shoot at all?
  • Karla would be back lit as the sun rose behind her, how would we make sure she did not become a silhouette?
  • The dress was massive, how were we going to get it to do what we wanted it to?
  • The wind was blowing, hard, how do we keep her from being blown away (it was still mostly a parachute after all)?


Equipped with my camera, lenses, reflectors, flashes, and my husband as my assistant we made it happen. We walked the beach, threw the dress for shape and volume, grabbed the dress to help Karla not get blown away, climbed lifeguard towers for a different angles, and outran a torrential downpour to take cover under a local overhang. 

In the end though, we had fun, created beautiful portraits (and even better memories), and gave someone an experience that made them feel strong and beautiful. That right there, is what it's all about.


Purple Hair, Don't Care - the lessons I learned with purple hair

In October of 2016 I decided to make a radical change. I went from something close to my natural hair colour to...purple hair. And when I say purple, I mean purple!

I have done a number of different hair colours throughout my life ranging from a light blonde to an almost black with a whole lot of blondes, browns and reds in between. I enjoy changing it up from time to time. But this, this crazy bright purple. It was different.


I had been thinking about purple for more than two years (ever since I first saw Jewels Grey on Creative Live and then met her at Shutterfest - that woman is seriously awesome) but just never had the courage to commit to it 100% and follow through. What if it didn't look good? What if clients didn't trust me anymore? What if people looked at me differently?


So what finally pushed me to get it done? I was going in to get my hair done for my wedding anniversary (at my husbands suggestion and offer to pay for it too - talk about bonus points) so I asked him what he thought I should do - blonde, red or purple. He (being the honest and blunt man he is) turned around and said 'well, we both know you're too chicken to do the purple so whichever one of the other two you like'.


In that moment my brain only registered one thing...


Challenge Accepted!


You are probably thinking - whats the big deal? So you changed your hair colour. Here's the big deal, for the first 31 years of my life one of my most used skills in my day to day life is to blend into the background and be invisible whenever I can. Don't get me wrong, I have stepped on stage in front of 500 photographers including some of my mentors and spoken, I have performed in plays and concerts, and on a wedding day just try to get me to stop directing the family members during portraits BUT outside of those times when I choose to step forward to be seen, I enjoy blending into the background.


Now, as I stepped into my day job, my business and my community I definately stood out. For more than 6 months, I never stepped into a room and blended in. People stopped me on the street. People did a double talk as I walked by. Whether I wanted them to or not, people noticed me everywhere I went.


It was an eye opening experience and I learned a lot of lessons along the way.

Tune in to Part Two to find out what they were.

The May Not Live Forever... #mondaymotivation


So many people see a list of things I have accomplished and thing I am strong and brave. They even go so far as so call me superwoman.


Now, I truly believe that each and every woman has a strength and beauty that makes her a Superwoman in her own right, but, I am still working on knowing and loving my own internal Superwoman.


Brave is not a word I would use to describe myself. I am scared of rejection. I am scared of failure. I am scared of my own shadow half of the time. In the past Brave would not have been anywhere on my list of words to describe myself but, it's time for change.


This past year I have stepped out of the shadows and been brave. Brave enough to be noticed and unable to hide when I changed my hair from my natural colour to a bright purple. Brave enough to launch a new line of services I hold close to my heart that I hoped others would love as much. Brave enough to reach out to the media to help share the news of my new portraits and even appearing on live TV. Brave enough to book my own portrait session, flaws and all, to celebrate who I am.


"The Brave May Not Live Forever, But the Cautious Do Not Live At All" - Meg Cabot


How are you being brave today?

Featured: The Gem


I'm thrilled and honoured to have been featured this week on the website "The Gem" by Allyn Lewis. The gem is a great place for business owners to connect and learn but what I love most is the open conversation of mental health as it relates to our business and lives.


You may not see it, but everything you do – from the way you run your business to how you interact with your clients – stems from your story and what you’ve been through. One of the first exercises I walk my clients through (in fact, Rebecca was the very first person I walked through this process!) is determining the theme of their business in one word. Most of the time, people have no idea what this is, and I can often see it before they do. For Rebecca, her standout superpower is support. It’s not that she’s supportive because she’s a nice person (which is totally true), she’s supportive because of her story.

From suffering from mental illness and spending four years raising her daughter as a single mom to managing three learning disabilities and a full time job while running a business (Rebecca Nash Photography), this Gem has seen the contrast between having and not having support. And because of that, she knows how powerful it is to be there. She shows up for everyone in her life in to the fullest capacity, which is why I am so honored to share her story with you! This interview will leave you inspired to conquer any struggles you’re facing and proves that you can still show up for others no matter what you’re going through.

During the day you teach kindergarten. How do you possibly find time to keep up with photography? Share your secrets!

As with most things in life, it’s not always easy. Our schedules are often jam packed and even a day that has nothing planned becomes a full day. I don’t find the time for my photography. I make the time for my photography because I love it. It fulfills me.

In the end, I schedule everything – my time with my family, my time for my business, and my time for myself too.

On top of scheduling everything, I find ways to simplify and automate the tasks I can so that I can give my personal time and attention to my clients and the tasks that needs me most. One of the biggest time savers of all – email templates for all my standard emails (ie. first inquiry, how to prepare for your session, session confirmations) that include all the most important information and frequently asked questions. It takes only a moment or two to personalize these but makes sure each and every client (and fellow vendor) gets all the info, links, and resources they need quickly and efficiently.

Keep Reading "The Difference Support Makes with Rebecca Nash" on The Gem

Join us for 'A Celebration of Beauty - Yours!'

Oh My Gosh, I'm so excited!  

It's been months in the works, I have been dropping hints (subtle and not so subtle) about something big coming to Rebecca Nash Photography that is near and dear to my heart.


So why am I so excited now? 

Today, it's time to ask you to mark a date on the calendar to come and celebrate with me in studio. What's the occasion? It's the launch of Contemporary Elegance Portraits by Rebecca Nash Photography and I want to celebrate with you! 


It's a Party!

Join me in the studio on Friday February 17th 2017 from 5:30 - 8:30pm to catch up, to check out the new products and services, and to celebrate the beauty of the amazing people in our community including you!


Need more of an incentive to attend? How about...

  • refreshments & snacks
  • giveaways
  • and more surprises (coming soon)


RSVP on Facebook to keep up with all the latest updates right here - 'A Celebration of Beauty - Yours!' Facebook Event Page

5 Tips to Avoid Bridal Show Overwhelm

CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent1578  

It's that time again!

As the fall quickly creeps up on us the excitement of Bridal Show season is right on it's heels.



Today I wanted to bring together 5 simple but hugely helpful tips to help you get the most of every bridal show you attend. Take 3 minutes to check out these tips and head into the show re


Tip #1 - Print Labels

Please please please, if you disregard everything else in this post, do this one thing!

At almost every booth there will be a form or giveaway to sign up for. Save your hand (and sanity) by printing out labels ahead of time that you can peel and stick right onto these forms. You win because it's quick, easy and one less thing to think about. You also win because vendors can actually read your information to contact you when you win!


Key info to include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Grooms Name
  • Your Wedding Date
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email Address


Tip #2 - Bring inspiration


Looking for a florist but have an idea of what you are looking for? Bring photos!

Tear them out of magazines, save them on your phone gallery, or have a pin board handy.

It's a great way to find out if your style and a potential vendors style match plus, it gives you something beyond price and date to get the conversation going.


Tip #3 - Know What Vendors You Need and Ask Questions


Take a look ahead of time and know what types of vendors you really want to look at.

If you are early in your planning, yes - take the time to check out all the vendors but figure out which 3-5 types of vendors are top of your list and have questions ready to ask. This will help you if you SOOO much start to get overwhelmed.


Tip #4 - Take photos


When you see something that inspires you - take a photo! Whip out that smart phone and snap a photo to job your memory later then, take it a step further - take a photo of the business card of the company that has inspired you and THEN take the photo of the inspiration.

This can do more to jog your memory of the people, products and ideas that inspired you or resonated with you in some way.


Tip #5 - Book Consultations

It's an amazing feeling to walk out of a show having booked your vendors (or at least a few of them) but what if you aren't ready to sign on the dotted line just yet? Book a consultation!


Chose your top few vendors that you are considering and ask if you can book a consultation on the spot.

I know it's one extra thing to do but trust me, you will walk out feeling like you accomplished something AND it's so much easier to book on the spot then having to find their card later, call or email, and try to figure out schedules later. You'll also have a better chance of getting your preferred date and time.



Bonus Tip


It's tempting to take that bag of cards, brochures and information and put it away for a few days after walking the bridal show for a few hours but time gets away from us so quickly! By the time you get back to that bag in a few days or weeks (or even ekk months) you may not remember some of the details like 'which venue was it that was so excited for you?', 'who was that lady who got your to pet her album?', 'who was that florist with the amazing centrepieces?'


Bring your fiance or a friend along to the show and plan a lunch/coffee/or dinner date after to sort through the info you got while it's still fresh in your mind. I promise, you will be glad you did.


I hope these tips help you (and the brides around you) to have an absolutely blast attending bridal shows and help you to get the most out of them.

Your wedding day is going to be amazing and I can't wait to see it all come together!


Yours Enthusiastically

Rebecca Signature


P.S. Brides (and past brides) - do you think I missed an important tip for making the most of Bridal shows without getting TOTALLY overwhelmed? Add it in the comments below for all your fellow brides!


5 Ways to Avoid Bridal Show Overwhlem

Introducing Friday Favourites...

Time for a new weekly feature and fun post. (Don't worry, I know it's not Friday but I totally wanted to start this feature this week so I'm introducing it today and the first installment of Friday Favourite will go live tomorrow)


Each Friday I'm excited to start bringing you my Friday Favourites. A collection of 5 (or more) of my favourite things from the week. It could be blogs I've read, photos I've taken, books I read or more! But this isn't all about me. I want you to join in too...hope into the comments each Friday and share with me your thoughts on my picks as well as your Friday favourites. I love learning about what kind of things you are loving right now!


Make sure to connect with me on social media so we can keep in touch - I can't wait to chat with you more!


Find me on my favourite social media platforms at...

Rebecca Nash Photography on Facebook Rebecca Nash Photography on Twitter Rebecca Nash Photography on Instagram Rebecca Nash Photography on Periscope Rebecca Nash Photography on Pinterest

...and stay tuned for the first dose of Friday Favourites coming to you tomorrow!

Rebecca Signature

Time to reflect

*Warning, long winded personal post ahead.*


This past month or so, the blog has been quiet.


It's been a time of reflection. It's been a time of self-care.


In 2015 I was blessed with so many wonderful things happening including some of the most inspiring educational experiences, collaborating with amazing people in the wedding industry, changes in my business in the services and the products I offer, the growth of the London Wedding Professionals, changes in my personal life as well as day job (yep, still have one of those for nor working with some absolutely fabulous students and their families) and so much more. I could not be more grateful to the fantastic clients and colleagues (as well as of course an amazingly supportive husband and encouraging daughter) who have been here supporting me, cheering me on, and forgiving me when I occasionally stumble along the way.


Sadly, all of these amazing opportunities (and my inability to say no to some of it) put me in a situation where as of the beginning of this year I have needed to take some time off.


I want so badly to be the best wife, mother, friend, photographer, mentor, teacher and so much more to everyone in my life and in my efforts to do everything I could to please everyone, I found it difficult to please anyone. At the end of the year, I couldn't help anyone because I had neglected to take care of myself.


I recently watched a webinar with Vanessa Joy. She spoke about photography, workflow, and marketing of course but the part that impacted me most was when she spoke about finding balance, about self-care, and about staying focused on your 'why' and your definition of success. She also reminded me that "when you say yes to something, you are saying no to everything else".


To some this might not seem like much of a revelation but to me it was. By always saying yes to everything I was asked to do, I ended up saying no to some of the things that mattered most. I often ended up saying no to family time, no to taking care of myself (physically, mentally and spiritually), no to giving my clients the very best I can, and no to the huge growth as a person, an artist, and so much more.


This year it's about being deliberate. It about figuring out why my why is, what my vision of success is, and comparing every opportunity I am offered to those two important pieces of information and asking...does this get me closer?


Why am I sharing this with you today you? Why would my brides, my fellow photographers or wedding industry colleagues care? It's about taking time to reflect and setting priorities which is something I think we can all relate to but more than anything I am sharing today because I want to be open with you.


Yes I there are changes coming and maybe this information will make it easier to understand where I am coming from. I have talked so many times in so many different ways about the kind of relationships I want to build with readers, clients, colleagues and beyond but if I want these to be real friendships I need to be willing to be open with you. To help you understand who I am, what I stand for, and what I believe.


Now I ask you, what has the first 6 weeks of 2016 brought to you? What has it meant? Please share with me in the comments below and know I will be here reading your comments and eager to learn a little more about you!


Rebecca Signature

Excited to Announce - coming to the Kawartha's

I`m so excited to be heading back to a place that means so much to me.  

The Kawartha`s were one of my favourite places to live with summers working at Lockside Trading, Tim Hortons in Lakefield, and Lovesick Lake Cafe, Gift Shop & Campground in Burleigh Falls as a teenager. After moving away for school, life led me back to the Kawartha`s for the birth of my daughter, my return to college, and a new path in life in Ennismore & Bridgenorth but, I`m getting caught up reminiscing.


What I`m really here to announce is....I`m coming back!


I am so excited to be adding the amazing Kawartha`s to my photography sweet spots and what better way to kick things off then coming to see some fabulous brides at the upcoming bridal shows!


Join me...


Friday Jan 15th


Kawartha Wedding Trends Show

Lindsay Armoury

210 Kent St. W., Lindsay, On


Sunday January 24th

11:00am - 4:00pm

Peterborough Wedding Trends Show

Peterborough Memorial Centre 151 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON K9J 1Y4

Just in case you haven't heard - Bridal Shows are the one and only place to take advantage of a special discount on your wedding day photography and heirloom products. You don't want to miss it!

Yours Enthusiastically,

Rebecca Signature

What is a photo to you?

London Photographer Rebecca Nash - Engagement PortraitsApril 11, 2015-3 Is it just a file?

Is it a small print in a box somewhere?

Is it a moment captured? A memory?

Is it a piece of artwork on your wall?

What is a photo to you?


I came across this piece by fellow photographer Michelle Celetano over a year ago now and it really struck a chord with me and changed my perspective and the way I care for my clients. It renewed my passion for not just creating image files, but to create artwork that my couples can hold in their hands and cherish.


I believe

By Michelle Celetano


I believe in photography - but more than that I believe in photographs.  Printed photographs are tangible. We can hold on to them, pass them around, frame them and hang them on a wall.  We can make albums to be treasured and looked through by children for years to come.

We can’t touch a file and the truth is we don’t know the longevity of a file or if we will even be able to find it someday.  A digital file is a bit of a mystery - if it’s lost, where did it go.  If a drive is damaged what happens to the files?  How many people truly back up all their images?

What happened to disc cameras, eight track tapes, Walkman's and other technology we thought would last forever?   What will our children be looking at in 20 or 30 years?  Photographs are special - files are not!

I believe in printing my work professionally. I believe my work is more than a screen saver.  Years of studying and perfecting my craft comes down to more than sending files via the internet.

The photographs I create for my clients are not only precious to my clients but they are precious to me.  It is my work, a lifetime of work that deserves to be printed.

Photographs are passed on to children and grandchildren.  Can you imagine a floppy disk, a DVD or a flash drive sitting in a frame representing your family portraits?


Like many photographers I have struggled with bending to the needs or wants of a clientele that is looking for files.  But this is what I discovered over the last year - It makes me uncomfortable in the center of my gut to hand over digital files no matter the price.  Clients have told me that the DVD is still sitting on a desk and they should have had me make the prints in the first place because they never have time to get to it.

I wonder about those files that were sold.... How were they printed?  Did the client crop it too tight?  Is the color correct?  Did they attempt to alter the image?  It troubles me because I put so much of myself into my work.   And, I have to wonder... am I really acting as a professional and serving my client the best way I know how to by simply selling intangible files that may never be printed?

For some, it’s easy.... take some photos, edit them, burn them on a disk or flash-drive and make a few bucks.  I don’t and can’t operate that way - I care too much about my work, my clients and future generations that might have no photographs because I wanted to make fast and easy money selling files.

I’m taking a stand!  I am a photographer! I am without a doubt passionate about creating photographs - real pictures - printed on professional papers - and made into beautiful albums.  I want your children, their children, my children and future grandchildren looking at and holding onto photographs not the latest greatest gadget.

It has taken deep soul searching, a lot of thought and time to define the value of my work. I am taking a stand against selling files and taking a strong stand for printing my photographs.

If being a business owner and photographer today means the current market will force me to sell files not photographs and to compromise my work and my values - well then, I’m out.

But, that won’t happen!  I know it won’t because I know there are people and clients who value my work, understand and respect the value I have placed on my work and actually want photographs.

I am Michele Celentano , a professional photographer - I believe in and value photography and the images we leave for our children.  My work and your portraits will be professionally printed to my standards, they will be available to frame and look at in albums...

The portraits I create for you will not become a part of your screen saver slide show.  I have worked too hard and taken too much pride in my work for that to happen.  I will not take the risk that in 20 years we will be a generation of lost photographs.

There I stand!


I believe that you matter, that the photographs that celebrate your life are pieces of art that matter to my clients but matter that much more to the people who love them now and those who will be looking back on those moments with love for the people they see.


I am an artist. I am storyteller. I am a keeper of stories and memories. I am a Photographer!

Headshot Mini - Sessions

When was the last time you updated your professional head shot?  

In an increasingly online world, the face you show on your website and social media is your chance to make a first impression with potential clients. It provides consistency from your website, to your social media, and beyond! Make sure it conveys the right message about who you are.


On Sunday September 20th, Rebecca Nash Photography will be offering one day of in studio mini-sessions to update your professional head shot and online profile images.


Headshot Mini Sessions



Be sure to book early as times will book up quickly. Call 226-973-7115 or email info@rebeccanashphotography to reserve your time.

Can't wait to see you there!


London Ontario Wedding Photographer

I am Grateful

I am grateful....- for family and friends new and old who love and support me everyday - for a safe, loving home to raise my beautiful daughter - for the realization that in everything I do I have a choice in at least my point of view if nothing else - for bike rides, long walks, sweaty kettle-bell sessions and the amazing feeling of health and vitality I feel - for nutritious local foods to create dishes big and small to enjoy with those I care about - for the art of photography that ignites my passion - for weddings that turn me to the little girl dreaming of tulle, diamonds, and happily ever after

- for couples that share with me their memories, their lives, their special moments, and their love stories

- for families that call me to help them celebrate their pregnancies, new babies, and lives year after year

- for a world of beauty all around me to inspire me - for the opportunities to grow my business by sharing it everyday through my art and my services - for the recognition of the impact my own words and actions have on little eyes (and big ones too) around me everyday - for teachers and resources who are everyday pouring more and more information, knowledge and encouragement into others to help them achieve success - for a desire to learn and an ability to gather (devour) knowledge - for the freedom and knowledge that I can define my own life through the choices I make, the work I'm willing to put in, and the belief I have in myself, my value, and my dreams!


I am grateful everyday for things big and small.

What are you grateful for? Tell me about it in the comments below!


London Ontario Wedding Photographer





Rebecca Nash is the Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind London, Ontario's wedding photography company Rebecca Nash Photography. Her passion is helping London, Ontario couples create art that captures the little moments, the details, and the emotions of their own unique wedding celebration in a way that allows them to relive those joyous moments every time they look at them. Rebecca also takes joy in sharing her personal perspective of the world through works of art such as the touring exhibition 'Windows on the War of 1812' and the art pieces big and small found in her Etsy Store. Find out more about Rebecca by visiting the about section!

Why Wedding Photography...An Impromptu look Behind the Lens

London Photographer Rebecca Nash - May 13, 2012-3

Why do I love being a wedding photographer? Let me count the ways...

Okay, let's be realistic here. There are a lot of misconceptions about what being a wedding photographer is all about.

You know those meme's that go around showing the photos with things like 'what I think I do, what my friends think I do, what society thinks I do, what my parents think I do, and what I really do'? This post is going to be a bit of a written version of what I do.

First off, let's get rid of some of the misconceptions...

1) Wedding Photography is glamorous

2) Wedding Photographers only work one day a week

3) Wedding Photographers make a lot of money

4) Being a Wedding Photographer is easy, anyone with a nice camera can do it


The realities are more like this

1) It's a long day (as long as 18hrs sometimes) with a lot of heavy gear to make sure you can get exactly what the bride and groom want

2) I work on my photography business 6-7 days a week between shooting, editing, consultations, image viewings, album design, marketing & promotion, engagement portraits, location scouting, and more

3) It might seem like a lot of money when you hire a wedding photographer. I even thought this at one time at the beginning of my career. Then one day a business mentor challenged me to keep track of all the time spent working on things for a single client. Well there's 8 hours of photography on the day of the wedding, and  half an hour drive each way, so 9 hours the day of the wedding - not too bad. The scary part was adding in consultations, phone calls, emails, downloading images from the cards, editing (roughly 2 hours sorting and editing for every hour of shooting), album design, image viewings, product delivery, file back ups, and more. Suddenly that 8 hours of wedding coverage was easily taking 30-40hrs or more! Now take that wedding photography fee, deduct the costs of albums, equipment, and assistants, and divide it by the number of hours. Suddenly I was making less than minimum wage and working hard than I ever had.

4) Wedding photography is long days, heavy equipment, a lot of pressure to get it right, lots of unexpected happenings and requests, coralling large groups of people that you hardly know and trying to do it all while looking calm, relaxed, and professional with a smile on your face.

 Iutzi Wedding Sept 17 2011RNP_112

So with all of that in mind, why am I still in love with being a wedding photographer?

I love meeting new people!

I get excited to hear all their stories. Where did they grow up? How did they meet? How long have they been together? How did he ask? What is the dream for their wedding day?

I'm honoured to share such an important moment in a couples life.

I love to be able to help people. I'm not just a wedding photographer - I help couples in any aspect of their wedding I can.

I love creating artwork that I know my clients will love.

It challenges me on every level, every time.

There's no other job in the world like it.

I'm addicted to weddings ever since I was a little girl.

Every wedding is unique and a chance for me to enhance someone else's life and grow as a person & a professional.

That moment when you show your client their images for the first time and they relive just how they felt. Nothing beats it!

And that's just the short list!


So why do I love being a wedding photographer? Because it's just who I am!


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography





London's Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience she provides her London, Ontario photography clients.

"I believe every person’s story is different, every person is unique, and no two relationships are the same - this means no two photo shoots are the same. I thrive on the opportunity to create stunning images for amazing people all around me while giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Each client is trusting me with the opportunity to know their story, share their story, and help them in celebrating life and love in art." - Rebecca Nash


Inspiration Infusion: Jasmine Star

Today I'm thrilled to feature a photographer who I have followed for many years, Jasmine Star! Jasmine is an insanely beautiful photographer, a hugely down to earth woman, and a little quirky to boot! (Any wonder why I like her so much?)

One of my favourite quotes from one of Jasmine's Creative Live workshops can often be heard coming out of my own mouth. Does this sound familiar at all?

"I don't talk fast, you just listen slow" - J*

I have followed her blog, watched her workshops, bought her magazine, emailed with her, and just generally online stalked her in the best possible way (ie. not the creepy way). This woman makes me believe in myself, in my passion as a photographer, and that my love of helping people and genuine excitement of their special moments will allow me to create the life I want for myself!

Some may know that J* has come under some criticism in 2013 but I admire the way she stepped up, took ownership, apologized and moved on in the most professional way possible. Talk about character!

Jasmine shares her fresh fun photography in an editorial style both in the way she shoots her clients but also in the way she promotes herself online and off. She is totally the kind of girl you could see being your neighbour. I just know she'd be the type you'd love to hate (I mean smart, funny, successful, beautiful, and talent...) but she's just so awesome you can't.

Check out Jasmine Star and all her work online!






Who inspires you?

Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography




London's Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience she provides her London, Ontario photography clients.

"I believe every person’s story is different, every person is unique, and no two relationships are the same - this means no two photo shoots are the same. I thrive on the opportunity to create stunning images for amazing people all around me while giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Each client is trusting me with the opportunity to know their story, share their story, and help them in celebrating life and love in art." - Rebecca Nash

Behind the Lens: D.I.Y. Paper Flower Fun

I get some serious inspiration from pinterest and the amazing artists I have the pleasure of being surrounded with here in London. Today's inspiration comes from the amazing paper artist Laura of 2clvr 4 u designs

I recently worked with Laura on a few small pieces for my London Bridal Expo booth decor, and now am excited to be working on a much bigger project even closer to my heart.

I admit, when I spend time looking at the work of, or being around these amazing artists, I become inspired! I want to try my hand at their arts. I want to create with my hands something beautiful that I can be proud of.

After an afternoon with Shannon of Sweet Stellas I found myself painting and sculpting for days. Did they turn out at beautifully as Shannon's art? Heck no, not even close!

This time I found inspiration in Laura's work but recognized that I had neither the tools or talent for designing, cutting, and sculpting the beautiful paper flowers the way she does. Don't get me wrong, I was still determined to create something beautiful. Where did I go next? To pinterest of course! I found tutorials and printable templates and with a little patience, I made my first paper flowers that actually somewhat resemble flowers!

Take a few minutes to check out Laura's work (you won't be sorry!) on facebook or etsy. She's adding new blooms all the time!

If after staring at these beautiful blooms you're feeling inspired, off to pinterest you go! Find the printable templates for these flowers plus other interesting DIY projects on my DIY Pinterest Board!


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography




London's Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience she provides her London, Ontario photography clients.

"I believe every person’s story is different, every person is unique, and no two relationships are the same - this means no two photo shoots are the same. I thrive on the opportunity to create stunning images for amazing people all around me while giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Each client is trusting me with the opportunity to know their story, share their story, and help them in celebrating life and love in art." - Rebecca Nash

Inspiration Infusion: Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings is definitely a one stop whop for wedding photography inspiration.  

The beautiful ladies behind Junebug weddings have created something of a masterpiece here. As successful wedding photographers themselves, Christie & Blair have high expectations of their members professionalism and it shows on their gorgeous website. These ladies gather some of the top wedding photographers and vendors from around the world and put them all together on one site for hours of browsing, planning, and pinning fun.


Thanks to CreativeLive & Sue Bryce I was introduced to this power duo in 2013. I didn't just become enamored with their website and the beautiful images. No, I had my but handed to me in the form of a client survey & website review. The things I learned from them blew my mind! I'm still working hard to implement it all, but I know they have pushed me in the right direction.


Whether you are looking for photography inspiration, wedding ideas, or business help (see business consulting at the very bottom of their page) these ladies have something to offer!


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography




London's Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience she provides her London, Ontario photography clients.

"I believe every person’s story is different, every person is unique, and no two relationships are the same - this means no two photo shoots are the same. I thrive on the opportunity to create stunning images for amazing people all around me while giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Each client is trusting me with the opportunity to know their story, share their story, and help them in celebrating life and love in art." - Rebecca Nash